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Kant Fasteners, as a reputed nut bolt manufacturer in India, has prolonged expertise in the manufacturing and supplying of industry-grade fasteners. We are proudly 100% made in India— with dedicated services paired with quality products, Kant Fasteners have successfully sustained a place as one of the most trusted fasteners manufacturers in India. We’re a global market leader in manufacturing and supplying of fasteners including screws, nuts, bolts, etc. Uniquely, merging the expertise and versatility of a manufacturer with the service and reach of a supplier.

Our tiny but essential products and end-to-end services make it easier for our customers— to find solutions for their project requirements for a range of applications and industries such as mining, automotive, heavy equipment, Engineering, fabrication, and earth movers, construction, the automobile sector, and product manufacturing units inevitably require fastening materials such as bolts, nuts, and screws as a means of manufacturing. Therefore, the best nut bolt manufacturer in India, we aim to give our customers the latest and highest quality fasteners at competitive prices.

As the name suggests, fasteners are hardware elements that are used to hold together things and their components. Fasteners can be employed in a variety of applications around us, including computers, television sets, air conditioners, microwaves, door handles, and even vehicles. Thus with the amount of things that use fasteners, it cannot come as a surprise to find out they are manufactured on large scales for various industries to match the demands of other sectors. Fasteners are of multiple types – screws, bolts, nuts, nails, washers, pins, to name a few.

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Why Choose Kant Fasteners as Your Industrial Fasteners Manufacturer?

Kant Fasteners has been a global fastener manufacturer since 1974. We are an ISO-certified company that offers quality, reliability and strength. For decades, Kant Fasteners have been engaged in manufacturing, supplying & exporting an extensive range of standard as well as special fasteners. Industrial fasteners are one of them. It plays an important role in keeping the quality of your machine. Kant Fasteners as a global fastener manufacturer is the best when it comes to industrial fasteners as our industrial fasteners are backed with rich industrial expertise and help increase the productivity of the machines, keep the machines intact for years, and much more. Kant Fasteners as a leading global fastener manufacturer is a trusted provider of industrial fasteners.

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Glimpse of wide range of products from the best Nut and Bolt Manufacturer in India; Kant Fasteners.

Screws|Kant Fasteners


A screw is also an externally threaded fastener able to be inserted into the holes in assembled components, of working with a pre-formed internal thread or creating its own thread, and of being released and tightened by torquing the head. A Hex Socket Head Cap Screw will generally have a head on one edge that enables it to be turned using a tool. Standard tools for pushing screws are screwdrivers and wrenches. The head is generally larger than the body in a screw, it keeps the screw from being driven deeper than the height of the screw and to give a bearing surface.

Bolt |Kant Fasteners


A bolt is also a threaded fastener that has an external male thread needing a compatible preformed female thread like a nut. Bolts are somewhat similar to screws. Bolts are mostly used to create a bolted joint. This is a pairing of the nut giving an axial clamping force while the shank of the bolt serves as a dowel, binding the joint onto lateral shear forces. For this purpose, many bolts possess a straight unthreaded shank (known as the grip length) as this gives a better, stronger dowel. The existence of the unthreaded shank is usually used as a defining characteristic between bolts and screws but is only related to its use. There are different types of bolts available like Anchor bolt, Elevator bolt, Liner bolt and others. Liners bolts are usually used in the mining industry.

Nuts|Kant Fasteners


A nut is a kind of fastener that has a threaded hole. Nuts are most times used along with a mating bolt to secure various components together. The two companions are grouped together using a combination of their threads’ friction (with slight elastic deformation), a little stretching of the bolt, and compression of the elements to be held together. As a reliable nut bolt manufacturer in India, we take the care to use the best quality metals in forging these fasteners.

Liner bolts|Kant Fasteners

Liner Bolts

Studs | Kant Fasteners


Headbolt|Kant Fasteners

Precision forged and Turned Components

Kant Fasteners Products Details

Size Range

  • Dia. 20 mm to 64 mm
  • Length from 80 mm to 1000 mm (Similiar inches)
  • Longer length can be ordered



  • GRADE 5 & 8, B, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z
  • ISO 8.8, 10.9, 12.9, 8, 12. ASTM 193, 194
  • Austentic 304 & 316, Martenistic, B8, B8M, etc


  • Fasteners made as per Specification.
  • Rigorous, in-house quality check: Accuracy is the key mantra for any fasteners manufacturers in India. We closely examine the quality of our products before sending them out.
  • Competitive price: We offer our clients with the best possible price of all of our products after with careful market research.
  • Unique packaging: Fasteners are available in varying sizes and shapes. Being a nut bolt manufacturer in India, we take great care to pack them. We at Kant Fasteners specialize in our unique packaging design.
  • Quality sourcing: Having obtained experience as the top fasteners manufacturers in India, we source the most reliable and suitable tools for our production process.

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Consistent quality and reliability at the best price has made Kant Fasteners a very trusted partner for us.
They are very easy to do business with and their product range is exhaustive.
Kant fasteners gives on time delivery. Good for all type of non standard manufacturing fasteners

Sourcing Manager, ThyssenKrupp Industries India Pvt. Ltd.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Nyloc nut is a commercial locking nut, typically applied where vibration or movement might loosen or undo a nut.

As leading nut bolt manufacturer in India,  we provide the highest quality fasteners to our clients, which is why our Grade 10.9 fasteners are made from SAE 4140 or superior alloys steel Dully hardened & tempered.

Fasteners come in many different forms. The most common varieties are the screw, nut and bolt, along with washers. As industrial fasteners manufacturers in India, we supply these as well as other more specialized types of fasteners.