Whether it’s nails, bolts, or screws, metal fasteners hold modern society together. Generally, the regular metal fasteners made from common materials like stainless steel prove more than enough. But some applications, specifically ones that involve extreme temperatures, demand distinct varieties of high-temperature fasteners that are not well-known to most people.
Fasteners manufacturers in India make using metals that demonstrate the kind of resistance required to withstand severe environmental conditions.

Here are Three Types of Fasteners Used for High-Temperature Applications:

Type 1: Nickel Alloy Fasteners

Alloy refers to the material composed of one or more metals, sometimes combined with other elements. Sometimes an alloy is made with other alloys, e.g., stainless steel is an alloy made from iron, nickel, chromium, etc. Different alloys have different properties like their melting points and levels of corrosion resistance.

When talking about fastening components in high-temperature conditions, alloys with greater amounts of nickel are generally considered. As opposed to regular metal fasteners, these alloys tend to display higher resistance to oxidation, which happens faster at higher temperatures. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that makes rust develop on iron-containing metals.

Corrosion isn’t the only difficulty when handling metals in high-temperature situations. The higher the temperature, the greater is the decrease in a metal’s strength, making it more susceptible to breaking with continued use. Nickel alloys have higher temperature strength ratings than plain stainless steel, making them a preferred choice for high-temperature applications.

Type 2: Refractory Metal Fasteners

As strong as the nickel alloys are, even they can’t withstand the intense heat produced inside some furnaces. When it comes to resisting temperatures over 2Kº Fahrenheit, refractory metals need to be used for high-temperature fasteners. These metals have melting points thousands of degrees higher than common materials like steel.

Refractory metals include substances such as niobium, molybdenum, tungsten, and rhenium tantalum. The properties of these elements are expensive products, making them quite rare. And therefore, they are ideal only for a few highly specific uses, such as in fasteners for high-temperature applications.

Along with offering remarkably high melting points, these elements also offer hardness and density. They even display a high level of stability, in the face of creep deformation; this refers to the susceptibility of metals to alter in shape when under stress.

Type 3: Ceramic Fasteners

But, even refractory metals don’t have the distinction of having the best heat resistance. That honor falls to high-temperature advanced ceramic fasteners; these can be made from either alumina and zirconia. Alumina fasteners display a temperature resistance of up to 3000º F. Zirconia fasteners, on the other hand, have an even greater resistance, with temperature ratings of up to 4350º F.

So, ceramic fasteners have been deemed the best fasteners for high-temperature applications. They also possess a phenomenal resistance to corrosion and other types of chemical degradation. Plus, high-temperature advanced ceramic fasteners are non-conductive in nature, making them very well-suited for high-voltage requirements.

Need Fasteners for High-Temperature Applications?

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