Benefits of Hexagonal Socket Screws

Hexagonal socket screws, also known as Allen screws are bolts that can be characterized by their distinctly unique structure. While their outer edge is round, their middle section features a recessed hexagon, which explains the name it has been bequeathed with. They are mostly found holding various parts of mechanical equipment together because of the exceptional strength they exhibit.

Allen Bolts are generally made using steel or stainless steel, although other materials like carbon and alloy steel are also used as well. In this article, we will be looking into the various advantages these bolts possess and understand why they are internationally lauded when it comes to their application on a wide variety of tools, machines, and other accessories.

So without much further ado, let’s get started.

  1. Easier to Produce

    Hexagonal Socket Screws are mostly preferred over other similar types of screws for one major reason. They are extremely easy to produce. Its simple production process can be attributed to its simple design.

    Moreover, they are also easy to use because of this very reason. All you need to install such screws is a strong socket wrench. They can be embedded into a wide variety of tools and machinery equipment effortlessly.

  2. Displays Considerable Strength

    A Allen bolt consists of six stress tolerating surfaces, which makes it more than capable of withstanding heavy screwing than other types of screws like the slotted or cross-shaped ones that only harbor two stress-bearing surfaces. Suffice to say, these screws can withstand stronger force than most of their counterparts.

  3. Smooth Surface Finish

    Screws are important to hold certain equipment or tool together. However, they can even result in an uneven, rough surface as they usually do not sink entirely into place. This is not the case with hex bolts. Stainless steel Allen screws, for instance, will sink entirely into their assigned space. As a result, the surface of a workpiece with such screws on them is smooth and bereft of any unattractive bumps caused by a half popped-out screw.

  4. Easy to Install

    Aside from being very easy to produce, these screws are incredibly simple to install, especially for narrower assembly occasions. Hexagonal head screws are often the first choice of mechanics and engineers when it comes to maintenance, debugging, or assembly.

  5. Hard to Disassemble

    Allen Bolts, once installed, can be excruciating to remove. This is a great advantage if you don’t want unauthorized individuals meddling with your tools or machines. That doesn’t mean they are impossible to disassemble of course. With the right wrench or a special screwdriver, one can proceed to disassemble them just as easily as they were installed in the first place.

The Bottom Line

It is due to all of the above-listed benefits that hex bolts or Allen screws, as they are typically called, are so popular around the world. They are the number one choice of screws for mechanics, engineers, and other individuals when it comes to assembling a variety of tools and machines.

They are easy to produce, quick to install and exhibit incredible strength. With all of its benefits, hexagonal head screws are also very easy to acquire.

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