Got a Allen Bolt that simply won’t budge? Well, fret not, as we’ve got all the tips you need to loosen them up.

Allen Head Bolts are often preferred over other types of screws due to their price and resistance to stripping. These bolts exhibit exceptional strength, which is why they are predominantly used in heavy machinery. Similar to other bolts, however, Allen screws can also freeze up over time due to rust or dirt.

Getting a stuck screw to move can be frustrating even with all the right tools at your disposal. That said, a tightened screw is a common issue in hindsight. As such, a plethora of effective tricks has been used over the years to get this issue resolved without a hassle. In this article, we would like to acquaint you with a few of these tricks.

So without much further ado, allow us to guide you through the various tips that you can use right now to loosen up a rusted Allen bolt without breaking a sweat.

  1.  Start with a Wire Brush

    Rust is often cited as the most common cause of stuck screws. Needless to say, if you want a stuck screw to move, you’ll have to ensure it doesn’t have a speck of rust left on it. You can use a stiff brush to get rid of as much rust as possible from the screw’s body and its surroundings. Brushing off the rust also mitigates the chance of you snapping the bolt in half. We recommend using a stiff brush with wired bristles for a better job.

  2.  Lubricate the Bolt

    Using oil is undoubtedly the best way to loosen up a rusted Allen bolt. However, it is also something that will test your patience. You’ll need to be extra precise and deliberate in your application of oil on the bolt. Make sure the oil covers as much area of the bolt’s body as possible. Once applied, let the bolt soak in it for a while. If you have time to spare, apply oil regularly, preferably two-three times daily to see results.

  3.  Use a Hex Key

    Once you are done brushing and lubricating the Hex-Head bolt, proceed to use a hex key to start loosening it. You can also try using a wrench or a ratchet-shaped hex key with a long handle to make turning the screw more convenient. If your bolt possesses a large enough head, you can use a wrench to twist it completely.

  4.  Using Heat

    If the above measures don’t work, applying heat to the bolt and its surrounding area with the help of a propane torch might do the trick. One should proceed with caution when using a hand-held propane torch. Make sure you don’t heat the bolt’s surface too much. Also, ensure there is no plastic or other such material around to avoid smoke.

  5.  Smash the Bolt

    If all else fails, we recommend smashing the bolt by either using a sledgehammer or an impact gun. Doing so will break it into several pieces, which you will then have to dig out. This process is messy due to high HRC 41 – 44 and should only be used as a last resort.

All of the above measures have been used by mechanics and engineers in the past and present to loosen up all types of rusty screws, let alone Allen bolts. So if you ever encounter a bolt that refuses to budge, simply resort to any of the above tricks. With little to no effort, you’ll have the bolt moving smoothly at your command in no time.

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