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We are prominent manufacturers, exporters, of liner bolts from India. Bolt special head space is formed by hot forging ensuring proper unbroken grain line flow & zero cracks. Degree angle and dimensions are in very closed tolerance, this ensure proper fitment & zero leakage. Eventually giving zero or lesser breakdown in grinding mills due to bolts.

Our forging is done by Our products are carefully developed under strict oversight to ensure enduring quality. The bolts are in compliance with industry standards and have a long life.
As bolts manufacturer, we produce bolts that serve a comprehensive list of industries, we as liner bolts manufacturers in India can work to get our custom bolts to coordinate with our client’s necessities.

As leading liner bolts manufacturers, Kant Fasteners offer an enormous assortment of mining and cement bolts, screw in different heads, and various fasteners. We as one of the top fasteners manufacturers in India can deliver numerous styles of our custom bolts depending on customer requirements.

Kant Fasteners offers liner bolts that are made from alloy steel specially selected as per customer requirements or applications. made by using cutting-edge technology, latest tools, and skilled expertise. Our range of liner bolts discovers applications in different fields due to their high quality make and finish.

These are most commonly used bolt in the mining industry, liner bolts are used to hold linings in grinding mills.

Feature of Liner Bolts

  • Precise Dimensions
  • Hot Forged (Vertical)
  • Uniform Grain Flow
  • High Elasticity
  • Heat Treated
  • High Solidity
  • Longer Life
  • Reduce Shutdown

Benefits of Using Liner Bolts

  • Prevents ‘dashing’ caused due to spillage of slurry from the jolt openings
  • Eliminates the risk of point stacking toward the base of the liner pocket, and instead, bears a controlled level of load along the whole perimeter of the pocket base.
  • ‘Hosing’ influence given by the bushing serves to carry the load and prevent self-relaxing.
  • Has been shown to perform better than a regular bolts jolt in field uses.

The best liner bolts produce in India deliver a broad range of liner bolts, which is developed using superlative quality material. Our products are prized for their high dimensional precision, high consistency, and robust development. Our range of bolts is offered at industry-driving costs, proper budget imperatives that fit the customers’ requirements.

A liner bolt is a hot-forged head formed of consistent grain flow with a continuous flow line to make the head stronger, stop failure & add durability. As the best bolt suppliers, we ensure our products are machined from oversized material to ensure no de-cementation or surface breaking. Rolled threaded bolts have considerable surface and close tolerance, have fully formed and uniform threads that provide extra shear strength & combat stripping. Kant’s bolts are heat-treated in a controlled environment reducing chances of de-cementation or surface carburisation to assure maximum durability and toughness.

Why choose us?

With us as your solution partners, you will work with custom manufacturers, and liner bolt suppliers who ensure all your goals and needs are fulfilled—made from quality raw material with the highest efficiency in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Kant Fasteners will swiftly turnaround your requirements and deliver them anywhere in the world. Our expert team present the most outstanding care in every step of the process to offer our clients very competitive prices to the market. We manufacture liner bolts that are durable and corrosion-resistant with high tensile strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kant Fasteners specializes in the supply of all varieties of fasteners, including socket cap screws, bolts and nuts, etc. Kant has steadily evolved into a leading authority in several industries, as the best liner bolts manufacturers in India.

Liner bolts are different from standard bolts as they are used to hold castings (i.e. linings) in grinding mills. As liner bolts suppliers in India, we deliver these bolts to the mining industry, scrap metal industry, etc.

The liner bolts manufactured by Kant are hot forged with uniform grain flow. As trusted liner bolts suppliers, we provide the best quality products across the country.

Oval head bolts, capsule head bolts, and liner bolts have different dimensions depending on the client‘s requirements and the casting design. As the leading suppliers in India, we provide you with customized and distinct solutions for all your needs.