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Hex Head Screws

Hot Forged

ISO 4014, IS 1364, DIN 931, DIN 934, ANSI B18.2.1

  • Metric Size: M 20 to M 64
    Metric Size: M 20 to M 64
    Metric Length: Form M 80 up to M 1000

  • Inches Size: 5/8″ to 2 1/2″ (2.5″)
    Inches Length: Form 4″ up to 38″

  • Grade: Grade 12.9, 10.9, 8.8 & A2 – A5, A2/A4-70, A2/A4-8, Xt, Znp.

  • Coating: Black, ZP. HDG. Polish



Hex Head Screw ISO 4017, IS 1364, DIN 933, ASNI B18.2.1.

Kant Fasteners is your one-stop shop for the widest range of top-quality Hex Head screws. The Hex Cap Screws we produce feature an especially hot forged head that forms a uniform grain flow with an unbroken flow line, thus making the head stronger, resistant to failure & adding strength.

These Hex Head Screws harbor a fully CNC machined form oversize material, thus ensuring no de-carburizing or surface crack.

Rolled threaded Screws, on the other hand, possess a smoother surface and exhibit close tolerance. They appear fully formed with uniform threads that provide extra shear strength & resist stripping.

All KANT products are heat treated in a controlled atmosphere to eliminate possibilities of decarburization or surface carburization and ensure maximum strength and toughness. Our Impeccable manufacturing procedure is precisely what makes us one of the best Hex Head Screw Manufacturers in the industry today.