Hexagon Socket Low Head Cap Screw

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Hexagon Socket Low Head Cap Screw

Hot Forged

DIN 6912, ANSI B18.3

  • Metric Size: M 16 to M 36
    Metric Length: M 80 to M 1000

  • Inches Size: 5/8″ to 1 1/4″
    Inches Length: 4″ to 38″

  • Grade: Grade 12.9, 10.9, 8.8

  • Coating: Black, ZP (Only 8.8)


Low head Screws are forged precisely in controlled socket depth which gives optimum wrench engagement, allows full tightening without reaming the socket or cracking, with ample metal in crucial fillet area. Especially hot forged head forms uniform grain flow with unbroken flow line make head stronger prevent failure & add strength.

CNC machined form over size material ensure no de-carburizing or surface crack., Rolled threaded screw are smoother surface and close tolerance, fully formed threads provide extra shear strength & resist stripping.

KANT SHCS are heat treated in controlled atmosphere eliminating possibilities of decarburization or surface carburization to ensure maximum strength and toughness. Socket  DIN 6912, ANSI 18.3.