In today’s times of rapid industrial growth, India and other countries around the world, rely on fastener technology in a big way. Used to join different parts using nuts and bolts, screws and clamps, fasteners are a form of hardware. They can make joints that are not permanent and can be removed or dismantled without damaging the components of the machine which are being joined.

Around the world, trends in fastener technology have expanded in many ways. The products used today are very different from those used earlier and have been crafted to provide an advantage to industrial products.

A wide range of fasteners is brought by Indian companies such as Kant, which includes- High tensile bolts, screws & Studs, Nylock Nuts & Lock Nuts. to name a few. With dedicated services and quality products, Kant Fasteners is one of the most trusted fasteners manufacturers in India. Their products undergo rigorous checks for accuracy. Kant also specializes in unique packaging designs for their fastener products.

Fastener market research has revealed that the demand for Indian fastener companies is expected to reach about a 7,706bn rupees value by the year 20203. This is because the automotive industry EV car & Solar power are developed interest & trust, construction and manufacturing have increased spending on fasteners and this has driven greater demand for the manufacturing of fasteners.

Here are some of the current and future advancements in the field of fastener technology across the globe:

  • New alloys for improved performance – By bringing out new alloys, experts can help improve the property of the fastener models in severe environments. Plus, since these are newly made, they can be made ultra-light and you won’t have to compromise on the strength of the fastener product.
  • Compact designs – By using miniature fasteners, less space is used. Therefore less area is required to place and install new hardware. Therefore, a range of miniature fasteners is used across different applications such as industrial metal sheets. With the manufacture of fasteners like these, they can end up being a strong solution for threading these sheets together.

  • Inserting small screws – Imagine if screws have not been held firmly in a machine or a product! Several problems can arise but the current and future analysis of industrial production shows that fasteners now have to be very effective in such situations. Therefore the latest trend in fastener technology is to introduce small screw insertion in a precise manner.
  • Installing Fasteners During Stamping – By installing fasteners during the process of stamping, there is a portable system at work. This can help feed, as well as install the fasteners. So then there are no secondary operations required for inserting fasteners. This turns out to be a time-saving measure.

These are a few of the trends in the fastener industry. The energies equipment fastener industry is highly successful and can be really seen as rapidly growing in today’s fast-paced market conditions.