No conversation about premium quality fasteners can be complete without the mention of Allen key bolts. Widely regarded as the best bolts in the industry, there is a huge demand for them across the world. Also known as the hexagon socket screws, Allen screws are basically fasteners that have a hexagon hole embedded into the head of the bolt.
Most manufacturers prefer such screws because they are economical and easier to produce than their counterparts. You get increased tightening torque, thanks to their lever arch mechanism. It is also very easy to insert these screws with a simple key. Needless to say, its many benefits are what make the screws so appealing.
That being said, simply buying stainless steel Allen bolts from any market isn’t a wise decision. There are many manufacturers out there that sell fake or poor-quality bolts that will only spell disaster for your projects.
It is extremely important to make sure you are going to the right suppliers to satiate your requirements for durable and resilient fasteners.
This is where the name ‘Kant Fasteners’ comes into play. You’ll know why Kant Fasteners should be your go-to option once you learn about the type of hexagon head cap screws we offer.

DIN 912- Specification for Hexagon Head Cap Screws at Kant Fasteners

Kant Fasteners is home to a plethora of premium-quality hexagon head cap screws that are ideal for a variety of applications. THE DIN 912 is a shining example of the kind of top-quality screws and bolts that we at Kant Fasteners specialize in manufacturing.
DIN 912 hexagon socket head cap screws are cylindrical head screws with an internal hexagonal drive suited for a hex / Allen key or wrench. The internal drive is ideal for situations where externally wrenched screws are impractical such as in applications where limited space is available.
The below table specifies limits for the chemical composition of steels and minimum tempering temperatures for the different property classes of bolts, screws, and studs. The chemical composition shall be assessed in accordance with the relevant International Standards.

The bolts, screws, and studs of the specified property classes shall, at ambient temperature, meet all the applicable mechanical and physical properties according to the Table given below, regardless of which tests are performed during manufacturing or final inspection.

Difference Between ISO 4762 and DIN 912

ISO 4762 DIN 912
ISO standard has a size range from M1.6 to M64 DIN standard has a size range from M1.4 to M100
Standard has added Fine thread DIN does not have its own Fine thread Standard

As you can learn from the above table, both DIN 912 and ISO 4762 are equivalent standards, with the only difference in the standards themselves being that some nominal sizes were cut and that a fine thread standard (ISO 12474) was created.

Kant Fasteners – A Trusted Name in Nut Bolt Manufacturing

Kant Fasteners has long been considered to be one of the best Allen bolt manufacturers in India… a reputation it rightfully enjoys. We specialize in the manufacturing and supply of industry-grade screws and bolts, which are 100% made in India. Our dedication to reliable service paired with quality products is ultimately what makes us one of the most trusted manufacturers of Fasteners in India.
The Allen bolts we produce are forged precisely in controlled socket depth, thus giving you optimum wrench engagement. The bolts can be fully tightened without cracking or reaming the socket. You can also rest assured that our Allen keys are heat treated in a controlled atmosphere in order to eliminate possible decarburization or surface carburization.
This is precisely what makes the Allen bolts we supply extremely tough. Being the best bolt manufacturers in India, we strive to provide our customers with advanced and high-quality fasteners at unparalleled prices.

Why Choose Kant Fasteners for Allen Bolts

We are serious when we claim to be the best Allen bolt manufacturers in India. We have a wide range of Allen bolts to meet the requirements for a wide range of applications and industries. Below are just a few of the unique qualities that distinguish us from other manufacturers in the Country.

  • All of our products are completely made in-house.
  • Our products go through stringent testing before they are put out for sale.
  • We employ environment-friendly manufacturing procedures.
  • We accept Low MOQ.
  • Our lead times are the shortest in the Industry.

Kant Fasteners is an ISO-certified company that has been supplying the country with quality nuts, bolts, and screws for half a century now. The Allen bolts we produce and supply are backed with years of rich industrial expertise. As such, we are lauded as the best bolt manufacturers in the Industry.
You can learn more about our fasteners by exploring our website or you can get in touch with our representatives and tell us about your requirements today.